Sigma Metrix
January 14, 2020
To the new coming
field season -
with new equipment
Sigma Metrix has acquired Leica ALS80-HP laser scanning system. The design features of the LiDAR make it possible to fly at higher altitudes and, consequently, to map vaster areas per flight. It can be used to survey the areas with rugged and high-mountain terrain as well.

The LiDAR receives an unlimited number of reflections from each outgoing pulse, which gives better details in wooded areas, and improves recognition of the land and low vegetation during post-processing. The multi-stream scanning system ensures the consistent product quality and point cloud of very high density.

Leica ALS80-HP delivers the excellent results in a wide range of project conditions.

In 2018, Sigma Metrix specialists already worked with data obtained with the Leica ALS80-HP scanner. It was a project within the Monitoring Program for the technical condition of ESPO-2 pipeline system.