Sigma Metrix
January 25, 2020
Sigma Metrix created the 3D object model of the New Moscow territory
Sigma Metrix has completed the development of 3D object model of the New Moscow territory. The model will be used for change detection in the geometry of capital construction facilities and for update of the database of the Unified Real Estate Register for property registration. This project was implemented by the order of Mosgorgeotrest. The main operator of the deliverables will be the Federal Tax Service.

The project was implemented in several stages. The aerial photography and laser scanning of an area covering 1,876.6 sq. km was carried out in May-June 2019. IGI UrbanMapper aerial camera provided the nadir images in the visible and near infrared (NIR) range with a resolution of 7 cm/pix and oblique images for model texturizing. AHAB Dragon Eye 400 LiDAR system was used for scanning with a cloud density of 16 points per 1 sq. m.

The digital elevation and surface models on 1: 2000 scale and polygonal textured mesh models were drawn based on the aerial survey data, and capital construction facilities with an area of more than 16 sq. m were identified.

3D object models of buildings in the level of detail 2 based on the CityGML standard were made at the final stage of the project. The models included photo textures of the external walls and real building roofs. All the objects were geo-referenced to the digital elevation model in the specified coordinate system, and text attributes could be assigned to them. The Oracle databases were produced as well.

“This is our second similar project, — Spartak Chebotarev, President of Sigma Metrix. "Last year we surveyed the New Moscow territory and generated the 3D object models. The comparison of the model and cadastral map helped to identify a lot of unrecorded facilities and to significantly improve the tax base. This experience was unique in Russia. No one had created 3D object models based on the aerial survey data before us. I think the project would inspire other regions of Russia, especially in light of the Digital Economy program, which underlies the global reforms on a national scale. "