Sigma Metrix
February 10, 2020
Training course for Mosgorgeotrest
On February 5-7, Sigma Metrix held a training seminar for the specialists of Mosgorgeotrest, Moscow Geology-Surveying-and-Cartography State Enterprise. It was dedicated to the BuildingReconstruction software. This program was designed for 3D building modelling based on the digital terrain models with level of detail LoD1, 2 or 2.5. It can process up to 3,000 buildings simultaneously and create optionally both generalized buildings and outline-based buildings.

Recently Mosgorgeotrest has purchased the following 3D city modeling software products:

  • Virtual City SUITE and BuildingReconstruction of the German company virtualcitySYSTEMS, which specializes in the development of comprehensive solutions for 3D data acquisition, processing, management, and visualization;
  • CityGRID and CityGRID Texturiser of Austrian UVM Systems, a provider of the software products for creation, optimization, and efficient use of 3D city models.

These software products have become increasingly relevant in the light of Smart City project development in Moscow and other cities of Russia. Mosgorgeotrest commented:
“The existing domestic and foreign functional equivalents of this software for automated object-oriented building modelling do not meet our technical requirements for productivity and reliability, that's why we chose virtualcitySYSTEMS. It allows us to develop object geometric models for hundreds of thousands of buildings located in an area covering tens of thousands of square kilometers and thereupon to create a 3D digital geographic map for the further generation of digital city twins. In addition, this software implements the required functions of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) both in the "client-server" mode and on the web, thus enabling one to build multi-level GIS".

The training of Mosgorgeotrest team was conducted by Marina Frolkova and Rafail Glukhovsky