Sigma Metrix
July 15, 2020
The new IGI UrbanMapper-2
was tested
On July 13, Sigma Metrix did a test flight with the new IGI UrbanMapper-2 aerial camera. The equipment was mounted on the
An-2 aircraft. The survey was carried out in the locality of Suzdal
from an altitude of 1000 m. Nadir and Oblique images
had resolution of 2.5 cm / pixel.
This camera opens up new perspectives for city photography. The increased size of the nadir frame, 30,400 x 14,100 pixels, high resolution and dynamic range of images allow aerial photography of cities from 3000 m, - commented Alexey Rubenok, head of the primary data department. - This is the minimum height allowed for the presence in the airspace of large cities, in particular, Moscow.
The previous generation cameras did not provide such image quality.
The new quality means new customers, - added Viktor Alyoshin, commercial director. –The detail and photorealism of mesh-models and object models, which we can now achieve, expand the areas of application of the final products. This can be the monitoring of changes in territories and situational modeling for emergency services and many other new applications developed within the framework of the Smart City project ".