Sigma Metrix
January 20, 2020
Sigma Metrix specialists were trained in Austria and Germany
In mid-January, Sigma Metrix specialists visited the friendly companies virtualcitySYSTEMS (Germany) and UVM Systems (Austria). The mission of the visit was to improve professional skills and receive the certification as part of the preparation for large training course for Mosgorgeotrest, Moscow Geology-Surveying-and-Cartography State Enterprise.

In addition, a program prototype designed for automated management of the 3D building reconstruction project based on digital elevation and terrain models and two-dimensional building footprints was shown to the virtualcitySYSTEMS company executives. Sigma Metrix specialists were creative in the process of programming the automatic system by making the reconstruction procedure almost completely automatic, which significantly speeded up implementation of the project and even reduced the difficulty to make it easier for untrained operators. The software program aroused keen interest among virtualcitySYSTEMS colleagues.

In turn, specialists of UVM Systems demonstrated their promising and advanced developments at the meeting with Sigma Metrix representatives under the non-disclosure order. The meeting was held in the atmosphere of mutual trust and understanding.